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Thread: excel linking columns

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    excel linking columns

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    hello , i want to link columns in many workbooks such that every workbook has a name column and a salary column , when i update the salary in a cell in the same row with a name in the first workbook i want it to be updated in all the rows in all workbooks that contains that name , any idea how can this be done even by macros or some vb script ?

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    Not enough info:

    • Are all the Workbooks laid out exactly the same?
    • Are they all in the Same Folder?
    • Will the manual updating always be in a master Workbook, or do you want to be able to update all workbooks from any workbook?
    • Do you need to update closed Workbooks or only open ones?

    Finally, you really should upload a samples workbook (with all personal and proprietary info changed to dummy values. . Use the "Go Advanced" to open the Advanced Editor. Under that you will see a "Manage Attachments" button used to manage your uploads.

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    in the same folder or maybe in the same worksheet , manual updating will be in a master workbook , and i need to update both closed and open workbooks

    attached is a sample worksheet of what i want , 6 employees with their salaries are in the master sheet, anddivided into 2 (sheet 2 & 3) and it is required that the salary column in 2&3 to be equal the values in the master sheet
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    The simplest method is to choose any (other-than-Master) salary cell, type = (the equals sign,) then open the master list, click the appropriate salary cell there and press Enter. When done in this manner all salary cells in all workbooks will faithfully follow the Master List.

    Is this a possible solution for you?

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    well it works , but the actual data is a lot bigger than this and it'll take a lot of time to link all cells
    any idea on a fatser method , even if via vb script

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    Then VBA coding is probably the solution.

    Since Code processes follow data structure, we need some more information about the data structure.

    1. Are all the salary sheet layouts identical? ie, all salaries in the same column
    2. What is the name of the sheet to be updated?
      • are the Employee names sorted? How sorted

    3. What is the Path to their folder? or: Is it the same location as the Master Book?
    4. Are there any other books in that folder that do not contain salaries?
      • Is there a defining characteristic that can be used to tell the difference?

    All those answers are needed before designing the code.

    Questions specifically about the master book:
    1. What are the sheet names of the salary sheets in this book?
    2. Are the sheets layed out the same?

    There will be other questions that come up while coding, so don't be surprised. This is a fairly complex piece of work.

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