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Thread: How do I place a simple.

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    How do I place a simple.

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    I need to place a "-" or a "+" sign in a cell, so that when I save as a CSV file it will still be the same. What happens (even if cell formatted in text) is I get a cell location as if I want to start a formula calulation . The saved CSV shows a -0 for the - sign and a 0 for the +! How can I set up the cell (column) so that I get what I put in it?
    Thanks for any help, Don

    Note: I tried to do a proper search for this problem, but was hamstrung by not knowing how to form my search.

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    precede the - or + with an apostrophe (').

    e.g. '- or '+

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    How do I place -

    Quote Originally Posted by NBVC View Post
    precede the - or + with an apostrophe (').

    e.g. '- or '+
    That works! Thanks, it's probably in EXCEL 101 but I missed it.

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