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Thread: More (simple) questions from simple-minded noob

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    More (simple) questions from simple-minded noob

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    Hi. I am running Excel 11 on my Mac and have a couple things I think are easy for experienced folks.

    First, I have lots of cells across several worksheets in a file that have both an answer selection pop up menu (like Y or N) and conditional formatting based on the answer selected. Right now, when I make a change to the formatting or answer list, I have to manually modify each cell in the workbook which takes lots of time. Is there a way to set up a single "template" cell or something that can then be automatically copied or applied to all the cells I need? Or is this manual method really my only option?

    Second - and this is really stoopid - I have a little yellow box that pops up (not the comment box cuz I don't have the little triangle in the upper right corner of the cell) when you mouse over the cell. Yes, I set it up but I can't recall what that box is called. I want to edit it and for the life of me I can't remember the phrase to search for in Help to remember how I created it or how to edit it. Can someone remind me? Thanks.

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    First one: you can make the change to all the cells in one hit, select them all and apply the CF/DV in one go (using a base cell of the activecell).

    Second: is it a data validation input message?

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    Thanks Bob. I tried that and I think I messed it up. I review the CF formula by trying to put a cell range in their for all the cells (in a single worksheet) I wanted th CF to apply to. Since I had set it up as individual CF rules on each cell (with all the rules being identical) I had a lot of duplication that I thought your idea would allow me to simplify. But something messed up and it ended up clearing out all the answer selection option. How do I make CF formulas apply to multiple cells in the rules and keep the answer selections?

    I will look into your other suggestion, too. thanks

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    Okj - I figured out the first part - I had merged cells that created to problem. I will try to un merged, modify the CF for the whole range of cells then merge again. We well see.

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    Bingo!! - YOu are indeed correct on the data validation input message!! thank you.

    My other idea on the merged cells didn't work. I think I am just going to have to do it for each cell/merged cell manually.

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