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Thread: Index Match look up Range

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    Index Match look up Range

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    Salary Deferral %
    146,504.59 9.00%
    81,922.98 5.00%
    11,044.29 0.00%
    44,144.50 4.00%
    52,800.00 13.00%
    250,000.00 20.00%
    78,182.06 6.00%
    120,257.08 6.00%
    1,000,000.00 5.00%

    I need to find the index formula that will look up all the Salaries between a number range like "30,000-50,000" and then bring back each deferral %.
    So in this case the value that formula would produce would be 4.00% (I will eventually need this for a large scale spreadsheet). I am having trouble getting the Index with Match formula to look up a value that is within a range. Please let me know if there is a better way to do this or what the correct formula would be.

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    maybe something like this
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    Quote Originally Posted by Weazel View Post
    maybe something like this
    Thank you Weazel I got that to work!!

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    You can also do that right from the dropdowns in the header row. Number Filters > Between

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