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Thread: Kidney Disease Walk for the Cure - Please Sponsor

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    Kidney Disease Walk for the Cure - Please Sponsor

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    Hi All,

    My sister, Angela, has had Kidney Disease for a long time now and is awaiting a kidney transplant. We are hoping that her time to receive that transplant arrives soon. She has been waiting for a call, with a pager in hand, for almost 9 years! Angela has a wonderful husband and 4 great boys who want to see their mom live to see them all get married and give her grandchildren.

    Every year, the Kidney Foundation of Canada holds fundraising events to raise money for the cause. I have been walking with her for the past few years and will continue every year.

    If you can help, please sponsor her here: Sponsor Angela. It would help and would be appreciated.

    Thank you for listening.

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    I feel for everyone with kidney problems. It's almost impossible to find honest answers when you are trying to get better. Fortunately, I came across some natural remedies that reversed my kidney disease and saved my life. This is one of the places where I got some good information.
    Best of luck to everyone!

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