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Thread: One of two series in a line chart is in reverse order and doesn't match axis

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    One of two series in a line chart is in reverse order and doesn't match axis

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    I have a line chart that plots two series - one for vacancy and one for asking rate. When the chart displays, the vacancy displays as expected - matching the vacancy with the year. But the asking rate is in reverse chronological order (the opposite of how it should be, how the vacancy displays, and the y-axis displayed on the chart). I've included a snapshot of the part of the worksheet below. Basically, I want Series 2 (the red line) to flip horizontally to go in chronological order. By the way - some of the rows in the table above the chart are hidden, but are displayed in the chart below.

    Any suggestions on reversing just one series' plot order without changing the other parts of the chart display?


    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thought I'd put in a copy of the excel worksheet as well since it'd be easier for someone to troubleshoot.

    excel chart issue excel.xlsm

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    You need to enable the secondary horizontal axis in order to set categories in reverse, as you have done on primary axis.

    You will also need to set Vertcial axis crosses at maximum, which is also on the format dialog for secondary horizontal axis

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    Thank you Andy. I thought this thread was long forgotten and had already rigged a fix by transposing my series 2 data in reverse order and pulling the chart data from that. Your advice works and I'll apply it in the future.

    Thx again

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