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Thread: help with a complicated VLOOKUP

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    Unhappy help with a complicated VLOOKUP

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    Hi Gurus

    I have a question about VLOOKUP formula and i really hope that you could help me with this.

    ___A_______ B_______ C_______

    __prod_____ loc______ qty______
    2___________ B1 _______15________
    4 ___________E1________ 35_______
    6 ___________G1 ________97______

    What I need is a VLOOKUP formula where my LOOKUP value is "prod" and it should return the location of the product.(result shown in cell D1) i got until this part but the trick is that since 1 product is in more than 1 location (it could be more than 2 locations) , i need the VLOOKUP to return the location with the lowest qty for that product, qty must be >0,

    Any help with this problem wil be greatly appreciated.
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    Try this array formula


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    Thank you Bob for your Help!
    I tried the formula that you posted, it worked but i needed the result to be shown in a different cell. Looking around a found a formula that works just like i wanted. I have posted the formula below for anybody that is looking for somenthing similar!


    Thanks a whole bunch for your help! this site rocks! I'll be back with more!

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    Why didn't you put mine, which is more efficient, in that cell?

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