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Thread: Date condition to be met before running a macro

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    Question Date condition to be met before running a macro

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    I have a worksheet that is used to collect data throughout the month and year, and I need to reset the month and year start data at the beginning of each new month and year. I have macros for that, but I want to set a condition that will only allow the macros to run if the date is the 1st day of the month, or the 1st day of the fiscal year (July 1 in this case) to ensure an accurate new starting point. I would also like to write an error message that will pop up if the macro is used on any day other than the 1st.

    There is a date cell in the worksheet that may be able to be referenced for the formula (cell I1 for reference), but I don't really know. I am using the formula =TODAY() for the date, and having it display as Monday, September 01, 2014.

    If getting the July 1 date is too difficult I can just use the monthly condition for the annual reset.

    Any thoughts or help is appreciated!

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    Just add a test to your macro

    If Day(Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("I1").Value) = 1 Then
    'your code
    End If

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    Thanks Bob, that got the macro to only run on the 1st!

    I used that, and found some other help to get my error message to come up, and everything works great!

    Here is what I ended up with:

    If Day(Worksheets("Daily Status").Range("I1").Value) = 1 Then

    ‘my code

    'Then for my error message I added (found the help on another site)

    MsgBox "You can only update the month or year time on the 1st.", vbOKOnly + vbExclamation, "Entry Error"
    Exit Sub

    End If

    End Sub

    This gives me a lovely error message box:

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    Thanks again!
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    For posterity, after Bob showed me how to enter the day, I changed my year time update to read the following:

    If Month(Worksheets("Daily Status").Range("I1").Value) = 7 And Day(Worksheets("Daily Status").Range("I1").Value) = 1 Then

    Now the year can only be updated on July 1 (which is the start of my fiscal year).

    I updated my error message accordingly.

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    You could make that a tad more readable and efficient with

    With Worksheets("Daily Status").Range("I1")
        If Month(.Value) = 7 And Day(.Value) = 1 Then
            'do stuff
        End If
    End With

    or a single test

    If Format(Worksheets("Daily Status").Range("I1").Value, "ddmm") = "0107" Then
        'do stuff
    End If

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