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Thread: Help-returning a text value to a corresponding cell

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    Help-returning a text value to a corresponding cell

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    Hi, guys I need some help please. I did a triage of some products and gave some recommendations. Not everyone accepted and now I need a formula to calculate new results. I have tried if formula but its not working. e.g:
    column a. column b. column c
    go. accept
    stop accept
    start. decline
    go. accept
    go. decline

    column a is my advice, column b is their response. In column c I would like the result (text) of column a if in column b it has been accepted. And if its not accepted for column c to display what is in column b. Any help would be much appreciated. Hope I explained it well

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    Thank you so much! think I was expecting it to be so much more complicated.

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