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Thread: IF(test, vlookup, vlookup) HELP

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    IF(test, vlookup, vlookup) HELP

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    I am creating an invoice and I need a certain cell to calculate out the correct fee in accordance to what time of the year their registering as well as what payment method their using. I know this is done with an IF(test, vlookup, vlookup) break down. But I'm having a little trouble 'starting'.
    I ALSO know that the 'IF' needs to establish whether or not a play is using the payment plan or not, and the vlookups needs to return the correct fee in accordance to if their using the payment, depending on the date they are paying.

    but I also need for the results to return nothing if a second player is not being registered.

    I will provide the attachment of my workbook. The invoice worksheet, the section with 'player1 fee' is where I need the formulas to go, and on 'table worksheet' is the fees.
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    Try this formula:

    =IF(OR($E$18="",$E$40=""),"",VLOOKUP($I$3,Tables!$C$3:$E$6,IF($E$18="Regular Fee",2,3)))

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