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    Defining Names

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    A'righty, I've been working on an excel project for hours now and my mind is just starting to blur. It's due today so I don't really have time to take a break. A task I had no problem with last week, for some reason it's just not computing today.

    Here is what needs to be done:
    I need to create defined names for the input cells for the responsible party details (phone #, address), and create defined names for the input cells of player 1/2 sections (school, name, grade, ect...)

    I made the defined names for the schools. But I'm pretty sure I went about it the 'long' and not needed way.
    I individually defined each school, so that the value is the school's name.

    Now for the other items, like the player names, there are 54 of them, I need to paste my defined name list onto my documentation worksheet, so I can't really have an extra long list like that, by individually doing all of them. If I am reading my book correctly, I need to click on, 'player name' cell C33 on my invoice sheet, click 'define names' and then from there I select the range with the information, which would be the range B22-55 on the players worksheet. But I feel this is not the correct method for what I am trying to achieve. I need to be able to, click on the empty field next to 'player name' and paste the required name I need. But by doing the method mentioned above, it gives me a reference to the cell I'm on, so since I'm on cell D33, it returns the name on cell B'33' of the players worksheet.

    here are the screenshots of the invoice worksheet, the underlined cells is where I need to enter in the player name, school ect. And the second screenshot is the player worksheet that all of the information needed, DOB names, ect...
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    Why not just insert a data validation list in Invoice!C33 pointing at a list on Players!B2:B55? You need to name Players, and to do this, goto Formulas>Name Manager>New, name it say Players with a refersto value =OFFSET(Players!$A$2,0,0,COUNTA(PLayers!$A:$A)-1,1), and use that name in the data validation list.

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