For example, in workbook one, I have a column with values displaying in cells such as "22, 33, 44, etc..." I have the second column in the same workbook displaying values "Apples, Oranges, Lemons, etc.."

My goal is to only display the values only if the search in the second column is "Apples", and then take those results of multiple "Apples" matches of Column 1 values and display them in the second workbook i.e. "22 and 44" in one cell.

How do I do that?

Example Workbook 1:

Column 1 COlumn 2
---------- ----------
22 Apples
33 Oranges
44 Apples
55 Lemons

Second Workbook output in one cell for "Apple" matches:

Apple matches are: 22 and 44

How do I do that? Thanks!!