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Thread: Casting checkbox values into another spreadsheet

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    Casting checkbox values into another spreadsheet

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    Hello everyone!


    As I'm diving into this new VBA world new issues and ideas are coming out of my mind. One of these are about casting checkbox values into another spreadsheet:

    The Problem:
    - I have a spreadsheet with several checkbox one-correlated with a checkbox in another spreadsheet (same workbook).

    What I need:
    - When the user check a box on 'sheet1' its correlated checkbox turn its value to checked too.
    - If one checkbox changes its values, its correlated changes too, and vice-versa. It will work like a mirror, one always affecting the correlated, and vice-versa.

    This attach may help to understand

    I don't know if VBA is the only way to solve it; hope not, hope there is a solution with formulas to check (or uncheck) both checkboxes.

    My best regards!

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    Why not just link the two checkboxes to the same cell.

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    Thank you Bob Phillips!


    It really worked!

    Here's the implementation:

    Anyway, I'm wondering if there's a way to 'link these cells' in PowerPoint ?

    I'd like the user to click the boxes during the full screen slide view, and then, link the values of the boxes in a excel worksheet.

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