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Thread: formula to copy every 7th row into new data set

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    formula to copy every 7th row into new data set

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    Need to copy data from another set of data on the same sheet. Need to copy every 7th row. I don't want to do a copy & paste special. I want the pasted data tied to the original source and I am transposing when I paste. I have 365 cells of data and don't want to + each cell. Hope this makes sense. Help please!

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    Try something like:


    where A2:A365 contains the first column of data to extract from.

    You may need to adjust the 7 to 6 if the extracts are off by one... (not sure what exactly you meant by every 7th row)

    You can copy down and across, and you can wrap an IFERROR() around the formula to avoid errors when copying too far down.

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    THANK YOU!!! I read so many over things that were WAY over my head. You kept it simple. thank you!!

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