Hi there,

I need to construct an excel spreadsheet that shows the payout of a trust to its beneficiaries as they hit certain ages -
Not sure if anyone can help but I'm pretty lost. The details are that the trust pays out 60% to the Children (2) and 40% to the grandchildren (4). The Children are already of age and should receive their lump sum. The Grandchildren however receive their payouts in tiers depending on their age.
The 40% is divided into equal shares for each grandchild. At age 30 they receive one third of their portion. At age 40 they receive one third of the remaining principal and accumulated income. At age 50 they receive the entire remaining balance.
I need to be able to enter the value of the trust and have it alter what future payouts should be, in relation to past payouts.
Thank you anyone for the help!