I am trying to find the simplest solution for this problem. I have a workbook that is a standard form that uses links to other workbooks to populate and update it. The worksheet (Called "Pipeline") is locked and can not be edited; only viewed and printed. It was requested that the user of the worksheet, which is in English, have the ability "push a button" and the form convert to French. After several days of head scratching, hair pulling, and near tears, I can not come up with anything. My thought would be to create another workbook that mirrors the English version but have it defaulted to French. The user will push the button and it will open this new workbook. I will change all the headers and standard fields to French and only the imported/ linked data will change to French. How do I do that?? Is there a way to save or set this new workbook (we will call it "French Pipeline") to default to French language? I can not for the life of me find an automated solution for this.

It seems that if I change the language settings in Excel, it changes it for ALL workbooks and ALL of MS Office programs. Any ideas or vba code to do this?