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Thread: Variable Cell Range

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    Variable Cell Range

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    Looking for a formula that will change the cell range dynamically based on a variable in another cell.

    For Example: I have numbers 1 - 10 in A1:A10
    @ c4 =sum(A1:A4)
    @ e10 = 4

    If I change the number in E10 from 4 to 7, then at C4 the sum should automatically change to sum(A1:A7)


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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Phillips View Post

    Yes. This works perfectly. Thank you very much.

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    Hello Bob,

    I used the Index in below:


    What I am trying to achieve is get the count from Sheet name "Data" if the text = "Pending".
    The range C4 to Cx will be decided by the value in S3


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    Hello Bob,

    Tx. Got it right this time. It should have been COUNTIF(Data!C4:INDEX(Data!C:C,Data!S3),"Pending")


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