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Thread: Soccer League problems

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    Soccer League problems

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    I am trying to build up an excel file for the Portuguese Soccer League.

    It has 18 teams.

    Problem 1:

    I already figured out a way for the untie criteria to be used during the regular season, that is, for the first 33 days (rounds) - criteria d) to f).

    d) Biggest difference between Goals For and Goals Against on all the games they have played;

    e) Most wins on all the games they have played;

    f) Most Goals For on all the games they have played.

    For the last round (34th round), the criteria are more complex. They include the first three criteria that concern the games played between the tied teams.

    a) The most points won by the tied teams on the games played between each other;

    b) The biggest difference between Goals For and Goals Against between the clubs that are tied on the games they have played between each other;

    c) The most goals scored on the away games on the games the tied teams played between each other;

    I don't really know how to solve this issue.

    To summarize:
    - For the day-to-day standings the criteria that applies is d) to f).
    - For the final standings the criteria that applies is a) to f)

    Problem 2:

    I created a sheet named "Evolution" from which I want to extract streaks information: for example current streak, longest win streak, longest draw streak, longest loss streak, longest non-winning streak, longest non-losing streak if possible for home, away and global games.

    I do not know if this can be done.

    I would appreciate some help here too.

    I am attaching the zipped file of what I have so far so that you can see it better.

    Please let me know if it is possible to have a solution for any of these problems. I would prefer not to use VBA and/or macro functions, if possible.

    I thank you in advance for all the help you can give me.

    2014-15 (UK for help).zip
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