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Thread: Assign automatic sequential control # dependent on another field

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    Assign automatic sequential control # dependent on another field

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    I'm trying to assign an automatic sequential control number based on another field. I want to begin with "001" and continue sequentially. However the worksheet I'm using will have multiple rows - some with bids won in which I want to assign the next number in the sequence for the control # and some with bids lost in which I want to leave blank and not assign a control number.

    I'd also like the control number to end with the value in another field (the year) to look like this in the end - "001-2014". I know I can accomplish that with a custom format.

    Here's what my worksheet looks like. I don't know why the image is so small. If anyone knows how to make it larger...

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Good morning,

    I think this will do it; in J2:

    =IF(G2<>"Bid Won","",TEXT(COUNTIF($G$2:G2,"Bid Won"),"000")&"-"&B2)

    And drag down.

    Best of luck,

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    Works perfectly - thank you.

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