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Thread: Nested IF, AND, OR and NOT

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    Nested IF, AND, OR and NOT

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    Hi there,

    I've been working on this for a couple hours now and I just can't seem to get it to work, if it's even possible. I'm trying to get a cell to return a sum based on 4 possible outcomes. There are 4 columns, and this is how my thinking needs to go:

    If there's something in EST1 and EST2, add those.
    If there's something in ADJ1 and ADJ2, add those.
    If there's something in EST1 and ADJ2, add those.
    If there's something in ADJ and EST2, add those.

    I've gotten a single cell to accept two if statements, but there are 4 required (I think). Or some combination of IF, AND, OR and NOT.

    I'm self-taught on this, so I'm sure I'm missing something! Any insight would be appreciated. It's driving me a bit
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    I assume by "something" you mean >0?

    If so,

    Try: =IF(AND(B6>0,C6>0),B6+C6,IF(AND(D6>0,E6>0),D6+E6,IF(AND(B6>0,D6>0),B6+D6,IF(AND(C6>0,E6>0),C6+E6,0))))

    Where first row of data is in B6:E6

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    This shows promise, but it won't ever have to do B+C or D+E.

    The four possibilities I would like it to consider are:
    If C and E are <0, then B+D
    If C>0 and E<0, then C+D
    If C<0 and E>0, then B+E
    If C>0 and E>0, then C+E

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    I'm going to try and puzzle it out with that formula, subbing in the possiblities I want, thank you

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