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Thread: Button to add new checkbox in ribbon

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    Button to add new checkbox in ribbon

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    I created a custom tab and I want to add checkbox in that tab by clicking the button

    Do you have any idea to do that?
    Thank you.

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    I think you would have to have the checkbox already setup and non-visible, and the callback code on your button would set that object to visible.

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    Thank you for the reply Bob,

    The problem is if I hide one checkbox and make it visible with the button but what happened when I want to create another checkbox with different name
    Best Regards

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    You cannot add controls to the ribbon on the fly with VBA, just can't do it. You either have to know how many you might need and create them up-front and use the technique I suggest, or use some other approach, such as a dynamic menu that you can add to on the fly.

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    I will try to do that with dynamic menu but do you have any idea to figure out how to do that?

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