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Thread: Unclear of how to enter formula

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    Unclear of how to enter formula

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    Please see the attachment. What I need to do is match the date from the pivot table (some of the dates may be skipped) to the date on the other sheet.
    Then, I need to calculate the number under the date on the pivot table divided by the number under the date on the next sheet, and have it show. Someone has previously posted a formula, but I don't understand how the formula was entered. For example, under 20140808, I need to divide 85.6 by 72, and have the calculation show right under the 85.6. Is that doable?

    Anyone able to help?

    Thank you.
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    Try something like:


    This assumes the Pivot table dates start at a B1 and go across, and the row of values start in B2.

    Formula would go under the Pivot Table, in C2, here and copied across.

    Replace the Sheet2 name with actual sheet name of second sheet, and it assumes the data in that sheet are in rows 3 to 4.

    The IFERROR() part will return a 1 if the corresponding date is not found in the second sheet, which means the value will be divided by 1, leaving the result as shown in the PivotTable.

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