Vendor PLANT PART N. Description Net Price Freight Duty
100040 NL10 8FC1.034PP Dummy $ 50 1,5 3,7%

Hi Guys,

First of all thanks for a so helpful forum where users can make a full use of a so precious knowledge.

I' d need a Macro that can use an hyperlink for converting prices from USD to EUR plus some more calculations.

Starting from the above excel template in my dreams this Macro should

IF B:B = NL10

First convert the Net Prices in (E:E) from USD to EUR (capturing the up to date conversion rate from a web site) ; then add to converted Net Prices the 70% of freight in (F:F); then on the result calculating and adding the percentage of Duties (G:G) (3,7% in the sample).

So summing it up: convert via hyperlink Net prices in EUR; Net Price+70%freight= Price + Duties% (e.g. Price + 3,7% of price itself)

IF B:B = US20

No currency conversion required; Net prices (E:E) + 100% of freight

Thanks so much in advance for any help .