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Thread: Finding last entry of data based on inquiry number and quotation number

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    Finding last entry of data based on inquiry number and quotation number

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    Please help me in the following, I have a table that contains the following date:

    * A - inquiry no.
    * B - quotation no.
    * C - amount

    Where quotation number will be changed by adding 1,2, or 3 according to revision while keeping the same inquiry number. When revising the quotation, the Amount can be changed also.

    I need to find the last revised quotation for each inquiry and get the amount of it.

    attached file with examples.

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    Attached is a suggested solution.

    First I add a helper column to extract the string between the / symbols... I converted any text within those symbols to a 0 to indicated lowest level. If there is only one line for the inquiry and the value between the / symbols is a text string, then it will be converted to 0 so as to be able to extract that as the last record.

    In D2 I added formula:

    =IFERROR(0+TRIM(MID(SUBSTITUTE(B2,"/",REPT(" ",100)),100,100)),0)

    copied down to extract that value between the / / symbols.

    Then, assuming you have a list of unique inquiry id's in column F (you can get this using Data|Filter|Advanced)

    In column G use formula:


    adjust the ranges to suit your data size in columns A : D (don't use whole columns or very large ranges). Confirm the formula with CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER not just ENTER so that { } brackets appear around the formula. Then copy down.
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