Two (2) worksheets - A and B
Three Columns on Worksheet A: A1 = "Description" (static list); B1 = "Product" (drop down list); C1 = "%" (drop down list)

If "Egg" is chosen from B1 drop down list and "5%" is chosen from C1 drop down list, each cell of the column below B1 will pull particular cell data from a separate worksheet. The cells of the second worksheet have been formulated for the correct percentage above net value ($1, $2,... )

Worksheet should be protected when complete, so the viewer does not see the formulas or any of the second worksheet. It would be best if the "%" did not show on the first worksheet and would print as a PDF, not a workable template for the customer to manipulate.

Original Worksheet A:
Description Product %
1 Pound
2 Pound
3 Pound

In Progress Worksheet A:
Description Egg 5
1 Pound
2 Pound
3 Pound

Final Look Worksheet A:

Description Egg
1 Pound $1.05
2 Pound $2.11
3 Pound $3.16
4 Pound $4.21
5 Pound $5.26
6 Pound $6.32
7 Pound $7.37

VBA is not my strong suit, but if that is the best way to get what is needed, I'm up for learning. If not here, please direct me to where I should go.

Thank you for your attention to this query.