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Thread: Macro to find a value within a cell and insert lines

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    Macro to find a value within a cell and insert lines

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    Good afternoon,

    I need a snippet of code that will run down column A and find a value, I'll call it 'x'. At x, I would like to insert lines (preferably an input box would ask the user the number of rows) with x remaining on the bottom after the insertion. X will be a unique value and will be the only contents of the cell. After this I think I can handle the rest .

    Thanks in advance,

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    Maybe something like this?
    Sub Insert_Rows()
        Dim x
        Dim y
        Dim InsertSpot
        x = "string to find"
        On Error Resume Next
        InsertSpot = Application.Match(x, Columns("A:A"), 0)
        On Error GoTo 0
        If IsError(InsertSpot) Then
            MsgBox "Didn't find  " &  x
            y = InputBox("Rows to insert")
            Range("A" & InsertSpot).EntireRow.Resize(y).Insert
        End If
    End Sub

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    Beautiful :-), Thanks.

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