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Thread: Formulas, working out multiple figure

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    Formulas, working out multiple figure

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    Hi guys

    I was hoping someone can help me work out this formula, Ill break it down as simple as i can:

    If i have apples and sell singular at 1.50 each
    Then if i sell 72 apples, each apple is 0.99
    If i sell 73 its 72@ 0.99 and 1@1.50

    But after 72 each multiple of 12 is @0.99 (eg 72,84,96)

    If you need more info let me know

    Hope someone can help?

    Cheers guys

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    I'm a tad confused, give some worked examples.

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    I think I have figured out what you mean, and find the fact that you sell 72 for more than you sell 72 a tad disconcerting.

    Anyway, a bit inelegant, but


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