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Thread: Small charts for dashboard

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    Small charts for dashboard

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    Is there any way i can create small line charts ?

    I am creating a dashboard for work and need to create lots of small charts ( in cell charts), i can use sparklines because my line graphs have more than one series.

    Thank you

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    A couple of thoughts.

    Create normal charts and just resize them down.

    Create full-size charts on other sheets, and then use the camera tool to take an image of them and put that image on the dashboard. You could then hyperlink the dashboard images to the actual charts so that you can see the full size image if required.

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    i have never used this camera tool? how do you use this?

    thank you for your help Bob

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    I added the camera button to the QAT, I don't think it is already on the ribbon anywhere.

    To use it, you create a chart, then select the cells behind that chart (not the chart itself, the camera takes an image of the cells and anything overlaying them), then click the camera icon. Then you go to the dashboard sheet and click and drwa that photo image. It is then a shape on your dashboard, you can resize and hyperlink it. A couple of tips, best to turn gridlines off of the sheet with the actual chart, otherwise they will end up in the dashboard image. You can also format that image on the dashboard to remove the border, your chart will probably already have a border, you don't want to much fluff on the dashboard.

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