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Thread: hidden rows sorting filtering Excel 2010 (Thread resubmitted with workbook)

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    hidden rows sorting filtering Excel 2010 (Thread resubmitted with workbook)

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    Please refer to the simple attached workbook. I'm using list boxes in the "Scorecard" sheet to select bundles of Goal Tasks in the "Tasks" sheet. For this uploaded example I've simplified these bundled options into "Not Pursuing" or "Pursuing - Show All Tasks" for two Goals (1 and 2). In the "Tasks" sheet I need to be able to sort (filter) the revealed (not hidden) rows while keeping all hidden rows hidden. The latter part is my problem.

    The purpose of this tool is to identify goals to be pursued, which task bundles are to be followed to fulfill them, and to identify who is to perform each task (per row). Each task row will then have labor hours assigned to it and by sorting/filtering we can isolate the total hours for Sally, Dick or Jane. (Hint: I'm over 50.....) If you go directly to the "Tasks" sheet (without adjusting the options selected in the "Scorecard" sheet) and "Un-Select All" in the filter and then select "Sally" you can see that hours for her are revealed in both the pursued Goal (with tasks revealed) as well as the not pursued goal (which prior to sorting/filtering had all task rows hidden.)

    Can you provide a simple solution to keep the hidden rows hidden (and not include any labor hours, should they happen to be included in the Labor Hours column of a hidden row(s)?[IMG]file:///C:\Users\dgibney\AppData\Local\Temp\msohtmlclip1\01\clip_image001.png[/IMG]

    Thanks for your help! David
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