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Thread: Insert row on each sheet of workbook when inserted in 'master' sheet

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    Insert row on each sheet of workbook when inserted in 'master' sheet

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    Hello all!! I have a question and would really appreciate it if somebody could help me out. I have a HR workbook of many tabs (2014 Total, Annual Leave, Leave, Apr-May, May-Jun, June, Jun-Jul, Jul-Aug, Aug-Sep, Sep-Oct, Oct-Nov, Nov-Dec, Dec-Jan, Jan-Feb, Feb-Mar, Mar-Apr) and hope that when I insert a row in 2014 Total for a new member of staff that it can insert to all other rows and copy down the formulas used on each particular sheet. Is this possible??? Many thanks to anybody who can help!! Niamh

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    Hi, i dont know if anybody can help me with this one or if i should provide more info?

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    and sorry, i forgot to add that i'm trying to copy the formulas depending on the sheet... as there are many sheets it's a bit of a mess. so when a row is inserted into the 2014 total and the formulas are copied from the row below, then a row on every other sheet will be be inserted and the formula from each sheet will be copied... is this too much? please let me know what you think or if it's not possible! many thanks!!

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