Hi All,
I'm a newbie to this forum.

I need some excel formula to prevent duplicate cells in my excel file.

Case: I have one excel sheet with one column containing certain cell occupied with data (Eg: A01 to A30), Now i'm try to paste some more data in the consecutive cells (Eg: A31 to A40). The data i'm pasted second (Eg: A31 to A40) may contain some data from first pasted data(Eg: A01 to A30). I need to remove the duplicates. In this case after pasting 2 datas i can remove duplicates. But i want to prevent from pasting of duplicate data..i.e. while pasting the second set of data, a pop window should appear and tell me "these data are already present" etc..

could any one help me regarding this?

Thanks in Advance.