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Thread: vlookup help

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    vlookup help

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    hi all so i have a sheet
    its called roster
    say one cell contains all the data below


    I know how to select certain part (left,right,mid) but want to include this with a vlookup
    how do i correct this ?

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    =VLOOKUP(LEFT(C5,4),'Other Sheet'!A:B,2,FALSE)

    where Other Sheet is the name of the sheet you are looking for 1106 in, and it assumes you are looking in column A and extracting result from column B.

    If you are getting #N/A and you know there should be a match, then try:

    =VLOOKUP(--LEFT(C5,4),'Other Sheet'!A:B,2,FALSE)

    this coercest the 1106 it extracted to a real number that might be the way your data in the other sheet is formatted.

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