Hi everyone,

I'm creating a spreadsheet for payroll purposes and have so far managed (Thanks to this forum!) to show the start and end shift times, along with the total shift time (anything under 8 hours is bumped up to 8 hours and then a 45min break is deducted)

On the left hand side is the employee and their details (I've blacked them out for privacy reasons) and then to the right is a list of the days with any jobs they may be working. Any new employees will be added to the bottom of the list and so I want to be able to enter them and for it to them be sorted to A-Z. I had different sized merged cells which came up with a sorting error, I've now removed all merged cells leaving me with a rather untidy spreadsheet. The sorting now works but doesn't register the employee with their working week. Is there anyway I can do this? At the moment it's listing the employees and their details A-Z and then listing all shifts underneath. The employee section is frozen if it's any relevance.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated

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