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Thread: Need help with a formula to calculcate a count with various variables

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    Need help with a formula to calculcate a count with various variables

    OK. i have an excel sheet that we use to count & control the number of containers on the premises. I would like a formula that can breakdown the number of containers, per size, condition and status...automatically and show this on a second sheet of the workbook.

    Container -- there exists 8 sizes ( 20 std, 40std, 40hc, 45hc, 40 ref, 20 gaz, 40 gaz, 45 gaz) - Column G

    Each container is identified into a condition identified as ( A, B, C, D). - Column J

    Lastly each container can be Empty, Loaded, or Assigned (Vacio, Lleno, o Asignado) - Column D ( I understand that right now on the sheet there is some information that is not within these 3 selections--- i will correct this with the data validation-- should only be these 3 data inputs

    Right now while all the information is in the sheet--- right now, we filter per container.. and then manually count because we have not inputted a formula for this yet.

    Each row is a container-- once the container is loaded or dispatched its removed from the sheet. The information on the sheet will never exceed row 250

    The idea is to give the user an accurate count automatically. On the second sheet i was thinking of putting the info for Empty, Loaded and Asignado.... as of right now.. i only put the table for the Vacio... or Empty.

    Can someone help?
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