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Thread: Multiple IF formula (please help!)

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    Question Multiple IF formula (please help!)

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    I'm running a marketing campaign and trying to create a Dashboard to show the high level results vs the targets.

    Tab 1 - Dashboard showing overview
    Tab 2 - Results
    Tab 3 - Targets

    I'd like the 'Targets vs Results' table on Tab 1 to show the correct values based on the week of the campaign. So if I type '1', '2' etc.. at the top of the page (cell D2), it auto-pulls through the correct target and result value from the other 2 tabs.

    Sorry if this isn't a great explanation, hopefully someone out there can help!

    Results Vs Targets.xlsx



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    for results - Opens, and change the AA:AA as required for other results, and the sheet as well for targets.

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