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    Hi, thanks for your help in advance.

    I have the attached spreadsheet, when we have finished with a workorder we mark them in red, is it possible to simply archive tMaster Job Sheet.xlsxhe workorders in red so only the active orders are shown on the master sheet, we would still want to access the red archived work orders in future.

    Again thankyou for your help.


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    Good afternoon,

    You could filter by color so that only items with a white background are shown. They would not be off the master, but they also would not be shown.

    Best of luck,

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    Hi bgoree09,

    Thanks for your reply.

    The attached spreadsheet is not the actual one we use, the actual spreadsheet was too large to load, at the moment we have around 400 workorders so we have to scroll from the top to the bottom, bottom to top, if we filter by color we still have to do this, I was hoping to archive finished workorders to a different sheet so only active orders are on the master sheet, I wasnt sure if there was a simple way, I will try cutting & pasting to a different sheet and hope it doesnt upset the formulas which are in place.

    Thanks again

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