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    Add to vlookup

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    How can I add tabs to this formula? I also want to search the worksheets RVST, ICDC, HSON, STIN, USED, FIXD within the same workbook. Formula is working on REVF & BORA worksheets. =IF(ISNA(VLOOKUP(Y3,'[Job Number Record.xlsx]BORA'!$1:$9000,4,0)),VLOOKUP(Y3,'[Job Number Record.xlsx]REVF'!$A$1:$H$9000,4,FALSE),VLOOKUP(Y3,'[Job Number Record.xlsx]BORA'!$A$1:$H$9000,4,FALSE))

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    You could continue with the ifelse formula. In the formula you have, you have if, not in , then this, else, that (or in a round about way). You can continue on with the formula so it goes if, not in, then this, else, if not in, then this, else, if not in, then this, and so on and so on. One of the easiest ways to write the formula would be to put one ifelse in a cell, but if not true, then go to next cell over. Put your new calc in that cell and say if not true, go to the next cell over. You can continue this, and then combine all in one.

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