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Thread: Too Many Arguments in Formula

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    Too Many Arguments in Formula

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    Hi everyone, I am still working on a timesheet for work and was hoping to get some advise on a formula:

    Basically I have created a spread sheet to show AL & PAT show as 8 hours in the daily hours column. I want to add hours up for the week, with AL & AT in a separate box. Therefore they need to be shown as '0' hours for the purpose of the weekly addition being added in from their own section later on the sheet.

    Hope this makes sense!

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    Super Moderator Bob Phillips's Avatar
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    Your formula can be much simplified


    The rest of it doesn't make any sense (at least not to me).

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    Acolyte Mike_Alex's Avatar
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    You also have some redundancy in the formula such as C12="AL", which is in the formula several times...

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