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Thread: Need formula for calculating SLA

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    Need formula for calculating SLA

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    Hello All,
    Need formula for calculating SLA
    My SLA requirements:
    Priority 3: 24 Hrs. (1 Business day)
    Priority 4: 48 Hrs. (2 Business days)
    Priority 5: 120 Hrs. (5 Business Days)

    Business days = Monday to Friday (24X5)

    I need the SLA report whether SLA MET OR NOT MET... using the priorities in column D...
    1SLA should be calculated using (Registered DT - Restored) (column K- column L)
    It would be flexible if formula has option to add holidays if any...
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    Try this

    =IF(L2<>"",IF(NETWORKDAYS(K2,L2)-1>VLOOKUP(D2,{3,1;4,2;5,5},2,FALSE),"Not Met","Met"),"")

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