Hello to all,

I have few problems or misunderstandings about the auto-saving/recovering workbooks in Excel 2010 that try to explain them clearly as follows:

First I create a New Microsoft Excel file And put some data into it and wait for more than 1 minute, because I changed the time of Save AutoRecover information every (from File / Options / Save / Save workbooks part) to one minute. After passing that time (more than one minute) I close that workbook without saving it, i.e, pressing don't save button. OK, now I open that file again, but, (my first oddness!):

1- The both UnsavedFiles folder (from path, File / Info / Manage Versions section / Recover Unsaved workbooks (button)) and Recover Unsaved Workbooks folder (from path, File / Recent, right hand pane) are Empty! Why?

After reopening that file I go to path File / Info / Versions. There is one writing/button next to the Manage Versions button: "Today, 5:22 PM (when I closed without saving)". If I press that button I can restore the changes which I have made but haven't saved. I restore the lost data and save that file and close it.

For the second time I open that file and put other data into it! And (as, a bad boy does such things in his routine basis!) close the file again without saving it but of course after waiting more than one minute. This is second time, that is, I've saved somethings at least one time into that file before. OK. I open the file once again and go through File / options, but:

2- again, just like "1-", those two folders are still empty! Why? I just can restore that file again like previous time.
Those two folders seem always to be empty which is very strange.
I'm sorry if I gave you a headache!