I'm new here and have only a little knowledge on Excel.. and trying to get good hold on it..

I have database where.. The first sheet have got 4 rows ( dashboard kind of a setup ) entered and when we hit save.. it will send this data into the second sheet into 4 columns..

Sheet 1:

OrderID: 3432
Salesman: jack
Product no: 920
Qty: 9

SAVE - Button ( when we hit on this the data is saved into the next sheet )

Sheet 2:

OrderID Salesman Productno Qty
3432 Jack 920 9

Can I enter the orderId on sheet one and have rest of the data populated if its already existing in the sheet2?

Like orderID can be a list from which when I select 3432 it should bring up Salesman, Productno and Qty related to that which was saved already..

If I can get a lead I will try working on it.. Please give me your suggestions.. Thank you