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Thread: Hiding #value

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    Hiding #value

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    Hi there,

    I would like to ide the #value in a cell.

    I have formula to calculate the variation of 2 cells as a percentage - but when referencing an empty cell waiting for data, I get the #value.
    Current formula is:


    (Thee may also be better way to achieve this to)

    I'd really appreciate any help -cant stand errors showing up - maybe a bit of OCD?

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    Good evening,

    Iferror is also helpful, but it applies to all errors. Just wrap the formula in a statement like this:

    Iferror ( ---FORMULA--- , --whatever you want the error to show up as--).

    Like Bob said, "" will show blank, but you can use anything.

    Best of luck,

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    Thanks Guys - I'll give that a shot & see what happens!

    I'll re post the outcome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Headhoncho67 View Post
    Thanks Guys - I'll give that a shot & see what happens!

    I'll re post the outcome.
    Unfortunately - it didn't work.

    Having another look - the cells being referenced also contain formulas - could this be the issue?

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    Good morning,

    Just to make sure, when you used IFERROR did it look like this?


    If this doesn't work can you upload an example workbook?


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    Excellent - thanks - I had one too many commas!

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    I would caution against using IFERROR, it will hide a DIV/#0 which you want here, but it will also hide any other error, such as a bad value in any of the cells, which is not good. Much better to test for a data value that you now is acceptable.

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