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Thread: Need a very simple profit / loss spread sheet to keep track of antiques

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    Question Need a very simple profit / loss spread sheet to keep track of antiques

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    Hi, I am in search of a what I think would be a very simple spread sheet to keep track of antiques that are bought and sold. I would need it to consist of:

    -Date of purchase
    -Description of item
    -Cost of item
    -Date of sale
    -Sold for cost

    I would like this to automatically calculate monthly & yearly profit/loss and allow easy addition of newly purchased items. I have never used excel before so I am not sure how to go about this but I can not seem to find a template like this anywhere. Any help or guidance is greatly appreciated.

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    Please see the attached file. I think this will work for what you've described. I would hide the columns in red, but I left them open so you could follow my logic.

    Hope this helps,
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    Thanks so much bgoree09! How would I go about seeing the current monthly and yearly totals?

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    Hello again,

    In the current set up, the "P/L" number is the current month and the "YTD P/L" is the running total. Once you start using it (or populate it with current data), every month on the Report tab will have it's current amount with a YTD figure to the immediate right.

    Best of luck,

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    OK, I got it! Thanks again you've been very helpful!

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