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Thread: adding and sorting tables

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    Unhappy adding and sorting tables

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    I have been given the task of setting up a Matchplay league over six weeks. At the end of each week I get a list and enter it into the said spread sheet (see enclosed dummy sheet)
    It needs to do the following things
    1 Add a game to their name when they play a match
    2 if they win they get 4 points
    3 if they lose they get -1 points
    4 The column’s a, b, c, d, e, are to be sorted to highest to lowest by the points they have
    5 Each week I want to be able to sort that week’s matches A to Z by the first column in that week
    My example is the player names 1chiro
    Week 1 he played twice and won both= 8 points
    Week 2 he played twice and lost both= -2 points
    Week 3 he played twice and won 1 and lost 1= 3 points
    Week 4 he never played
    Week 5 he played 1 and lost 1=-1 point
    Week six he played 1 and lost one =-1 point
    So in cells B47 to E47 it reads as enclosed sheet
    Points to remember are the winner is always in the first column of each week

    I have no idea where to start so any help would be great
    Gary N
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