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Thread: Macros/VBA to do a loop and insert text

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    Macros/VBA to do a loop and insert text

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    I have a sample data set like what I have at work. The file is attached.

    The number of orders assisgned needs to be balanced. As in the sample data, some of the orders are already assisgned to a team.
    Range J15:L27 determines how many orders have been already assisgned and how many more can be allocated.
    What I would require the macros to do is start filling up Column C if it is blank, with the Team Name depending on which which WorkGroup is in column B.

    I figured it could be done with one or two loops.
    If L16 >0, find the next blank next to Workgroup1 and put "Team A". If L16 =0, move to next team member. Repeat till "To Be Assigned" for each member is 0 or no more orders remaining to be assigned.

    I'm not an advanced user of VBA. Just know the basics. Any help would be highly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.
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