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Thread: Sumifs with a moving date range

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    Sumifs with a moving date range

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    I'm trying to identify the maximum demand for a given part within a specified lead time.

    =SUMIFS(G:G,F:F,"=I /*",K:K,"=<"&K2+($O$2/2),K:K,"=>"&K2-($O$2/2))

    Column G contains the number quantity supplied/demanded in a certain transaction, column F contains the identifier "I / O" to indicate that this is a demand transaction, column K contains the date of the transaction, and cell O2 contains the number of days of lead time.

    What I think my formula says (at least, what I want it to say) is: count all quantity for demand transactions occurring within plus or minus one-half of lead time.


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    If you could share a sample sheet (with any sensitive data changed) it would answer a lot of queries and stop us guessing (wrongly) when trying to reproduce what you have.

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