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Thread: Mimic another columns and rows

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    Mimic another columns and rows

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    I am trying to copy or mimic what is happening in 4 other columns and perhaps 30 rows. I have what I call 4 digit counters that always count up
    If you look at a column that go vertically full of E's and Os or Us and Ds I want to be able to put say 2 rows of numbers 1111 1111
    And click a button and it takes off from the top 1111 and runs itself Once you understand how the counters advance up the program should be easier to understand. I "DO" need the CF for the color (red/yellow, green/gray) There is always an even amount of vertical cells (2-4-6-8-10....) so if you start with the 1111 and the next row up is E you would advance one of the first row 1's to either 2111 or 1211. Then if the next is An E and you had 2111 you couldn't advance the 1st digit because the 2 will go to 3 making it an Odd amount of cells (1) you would have to get the 2nd digit to change to a 2. After a few rows up its obvious which way it will go. Starting out you may always have a odd set of rows. This is what it would look like

    2111. This is wrong

    2111. This is correct

    Here is a sample spreadsheet and video I made explaining how it works.

    I do have it poste n here s well
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    I am trying to duplicate what is happening in columns HIJK 30-44 in columns OPQR and VWXY. E and U are in columns HI OP and O and D are in columns JK QR. I will have 2 rows of numbers as in rows 43 and 44 OPQR and VWXY.

    If 1st movement is a U or E column(s) H or I OR O or P will advance UP 1 digit from 1111 to 2111 or 1211 in OPQR or 3222 or 2322 in VWXY.

    If a 1st movement is a O or a D column(s) Q or R OR X or Y will advance up 1 digit from 1111 to 1121 or 1112 in OPQR or 2222 to 2232 or 2223 in VWXY.

    2nd movement UP row 41 will have to be in column(s)P if U in OPQR or V in VWXY. You can not advance up a row if you have a single cell like the 3 in O42 or the 3 in W42

    3rd movement Up is an O or D so either Q or R in OPQR will go up or X or Y in VWXY. Because there is an even number of cells like 4 1's vertically in columns Q and R rows 41-44 and columns X and Y in rows 41-44 either column can advance Up. I will pick Q and Y to go Up

    4th movement Up is another O or D so again it will move in Q or R OR X or Y. Because there is a single cell in Q40 and Y40 columns R and X have to go up even though there is an Odd amount of cells vertically 40-44 (OPQR VWXY) The only place it can advance Up with an od number of cells is from the starting point on the bottom rows. After it gets a foundation of even number of cells vertically it will stay even.

    The next movement Up is an E or U so because there is a even number of cells vertically in columns O 39-42 and W 39-42 they are the ones that advance Up

    The next one to advance is another E or U so the P or V will go Up

    This is how the counters move up. The conditional formatting is very important so I need to have the green font with gray shade and red font with yellow shade

    I hope this makes better sense and again. THANK YOU for your assistance
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    Here is a video as well that may help r maybe tis is just far too complex

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