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Thread: Units per minute?

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    Units per minute?

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    Hello everybody,

    a quick question:

    How do I create a formula that returns a unit per time number? I have a row that contains a time i.e. 0:37 (0 hours and 37 minutes), and another row shows how many samples are run through in that period i.e. 382, so i would like a fomula that gives 382 samples divided by 37 minutes. How is that possible?

    And another task is, that I have different instruments analysing the samples which I would like to dissect into the different instruments.

    I have attached a file with the above examples, and hoping for some good help.

    Thanks in advance.
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    In E3 try:


    copied down

    You may have to format as Number.

    In F4 try something like:


    confirmed with CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER, not just ENTER and copy down. Same for G4 replacing the 1 with a 2.

    Note: The range after the INDEX is the range you are trying to pull from for your list. You can adjust to suit what you want. Remember to re-confirm with CSE keys before copying down and/or across.

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