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Thread: How to use one column to guide another

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    How to use one column to guide another

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    Hello everyone
    I hope someone can help.
    I have Column A that has street names. In Column E is a figure of how many times the street name has been asked. In column F, i put a X when I know them.
    Some times I add new data that includes duplicates in A where they have been asked again and the number in E increase. I know how to remove the duplicates and then I am left with the row with the higher value.
    I want to transfer the X from Column F into the duplicate when it matches so i don't have to go through the whole sheet to put an X in again.
    Can that be done?
    Do I make any sense?

    Many many thanks

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    Could you just use


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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Phillips View Post
    Could you just use

    Hello Bob
    many thanks
    I am no Excel expert. Where would I put this please?


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    In column F of the new row that you add.

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    Hi Bob
    it does not do anything. Seems to suggest that it refers to an empty cell.

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    Can you post the workibook, and indicate where you added the formula?

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    Hello Bob
    I cannot post images yet so will make a couple more posts

    Row 2 has the same name in cA but a higher value in cE.
    I will remove duplicates and leave the higher value and then need to transfer the tick from row 3 cF to row 2 cF
    I will 100s of duplicates on a weekly basis.
    Does that make sense?

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    This post 5

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    Now I am confused. I thought you were saying you added a new row that might have the same street name as a previous row. If that happened you wanted to inherit column F's value for that previous row.

    Now you say there are duplicates, I can't see them, and that you want to transfer the tick from the previous to the new.

    Describe explicitly what you would currently be doing, in all steps, and which you want automated.

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