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Thread: Remove Duplicates between two Dynamic Listboxes

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    Please Press Filter control button on the "Main Controls" sheet>then go to Filters Tab> All Filters> and in the text box there enter anything and the error will come up

    Edit: The point that i want to achieve is that when there is something in the right list box and it tries to filter in the left list box, it would just filter the ones out that already exist in the right
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    Sub M_snb()
        sn = lsb1.List
        sp = lsb2.List
        For j = 0 To UBound(sn)
          If IsError(Application.Match(sn(j, 1), sp, 0)) Then c00 = c00 & "_" & j + 1
        lsb1.List = Application.Index(sn, Split(Mid(c00, 2), "_"), 0)
    End Sub

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    I modified it a bit and it works! Thanks Snb! Interesting way of doing it!

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